Rohit and the New York Times.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 17 May 97 14:48:40 PDT

Looks like Rohit will have to wait a little longer fulfilling his dream
of one day being mentioned in the New York Times. Rumor has it that
because of the Time magazine article on Tim Berners-Lee this week,
the New York Times feels "scooped" and is pulling the article Marguerite
Holloway was writing for the New York Times Magazine.

Even though Marguerite talked with TimBL *months* ago, including a long
talk with Rohit, for which he's sure to get cited. :) Rohit usually
provides journalists with a firehose of nuggets and sound bites. And
some unsound bites, too. :)

Anyway, my rumormill sources say that the article will be peddled to
the London Times, or possibly GQ (to counter the awful article they had
about Marc Andreeeeesssseeeen - the more MarcA talks to the press, the
more of an idiot he sounds) or the Atlantic. So it will get printed.

It's just not the New York Times. And as anyone who knows Rohit knows,
there's the New York Times, and then there's everything else. Sorry,
Rohit. Apparently, this is the third time recently that the NYT has
been scooped by Time Magazine -- they really aren't evolving into the
swift beast they'll need to be to survive in our brave new world of
overemersion in an ocean of bits...
-- Adam


It's just a tool that will translate local gui i/o into something that
can be patched into a protocol that will be displayed by a netscrape
plug-in. nothing facinating here...
-- Joe Kiniry