Re: Rohit and the New York Times.

Rohit Khare (
Sat, 17 May 1997 21:40:44 -0400 (EDT)


Oh well. I'm in the Shinagawa Prince Hotel (next door to the Meridien)
+81 (3) 3440 1111 Room 3-3556
And I'm waiting for tomorrow's meeting, which I have no details on so far :-)

I'm hoping Ira will call, otherwise I'll try Canon in the morning.

Other FoRKers are welcome to call, too...


> Looks like Rohit will have to wait a little longer fulfilling his dream
> of one day being mentioned in the New York Times. Rumor has it that
> because of the Time magazine article on Tim Berners-Lee this week,
> the New York Times feels "scooped" and is pulling the article Marguerite
> Holloway was writing for the New York Times Magazine.
> Even though Marguerite talked with TimBL *months* ago, including a long
> talk with Rohit, for which he's sure to get cited. :) Rohit usually
> provides journalists with a firehose of nuggets and sound bites. And
> some unsound bites, too. :)
> Anyway, my rumormill sources say that the article will be peddled to
> the London Times, or possibly GQ (to counter the awful article they had
> about Marc Andreeeeesssseeeen - the more MarcA talks to the press, the
> more of an idiot he sounds) or the Atlantic. So it will get printed.
> It's just not the New York Times. And as anyone who knows Rohit knows,
> there's the New York Times, and then there's everything else. Sorry,
> Rohit. Apparently, this is the third time recently that the NYT has
> been scooped by Time Magazine -- they really aren't evolving into the
> swift beast they'll need to be to survive in our brave new world of
> overemersion in an ocean of bits...
> -- Adam
> ----
> It's just a tool that will translate local gui i/o into something that
> can be patched into a protocol that will be displayed by a netscrape
> plug-in. nothing facinating here...
> -- Joe Kiniry