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Joe Barrera (
Sun, 18 May 1997 20:39:19 -0700

Instead of trying to respond to this note, I think I'll wait for Eve's
list of questions, if that's okay.

Well, with one exception:

>> I really wonder how some of our experiences could be so different
> > from Myricom... is it the hardware we're using?

> that is certainly part of the equation. it could also be the visible
> of hate and despair that hangs in the air.

> it is easy to tell how well NT supports our hardware - it makes me
> i can drag a window around and watch the display refresh - this on a
> video card. i don't even _want_ to know about the rest.

What the heck type of video card are you using? You might check the web
site of the manufacturer of the card to see if there is a better driver
available. It's possible that the card was introduced just before NT 4.0
was released, and the card manufacturer only had a barely working driver
to give Microsoft to put on the NT CD.

- Joe

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