RE: NT installation

Daniel M. Zimmerman (
Sun, 18 May 1997 20:47:09 -0700

>> it is easy to tell how well NT supports our hardware - it makes me
>> i can drag a window around and watch the display refresh - this on a
>> video card. i don't even _want_ to know about the rest.
>What the heck type of video card are you using? You might check the web
>site of the manufacturer of the card to see if there is a better driver
>available. It's possible that the card was introduced just before NT 4.0
>was released, and the card manufacturer only had a barely working driver
>to give Microsoft to put on the NT CD.

Nope... We've installed the latest version of the driver available from the
company (NetPower - the card is a NetPower UltraFX), which is specifically
intended for NT 4.0, and the thing still performs like a dog...

The most annoying thing about the video card is the fact that Solaris x86
doesn't like it - otherwise, I wouldn't be running NT on my machine
anymore... :)

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