Strange People Fly.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 21 May 97 11:33:42 PDT

Rohit, you'll appreciate this, a poem from Eric Bax.
Actually, his Web page contains nothing but poems.
This one forwarded for your enjoyment.

Strange People Fly

Strange people fly, no lie.
Dreads, nappy hair.
No, don't be next to me
with your double-wide derriere.

Conspiracy theorists in sequined shirts
"Do you want to know what really happened?"
No, I really do not, Mr. leisure suit!
"The government doesn't want you to know."
Then me and the government, we're in cahoots!

Picky eaters, picky seaters, headphone hoarders, late on boarders
overhead stuffers, red-eye puffers.
Angry passengers who will never fly this airline again.
Babies in chorus, tag-team bawling
edgy, screaming, kicking, crawling.

Quiet people with tired looks
buried in their self-help books.
Cynical people-watchers glancing around,
like the one who wrote this down.


Like my dear old mother says, you can't polish a turd.
(thanks to JoeK for finding this gem of an URL)
(for a laugh, check out the archives)