FW: Proof That the World Revolves Around Bill Gates

Dan Kohn (dan@teledesic.com)
Tue, 27 May 1997 18:58:44 -0700

Great example of the power of an erroneous meme. We've received half
a dozen of these letters.

- dan

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We don't mean to discourage the occasional Bill Gates humor item, but
the Earth spins clockwise (to the right) both in our visualization and
in reality. No additional "standardization" was necessary.

- dan

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>From: Peter Langston <psl@langston.com> >Date: Thu, 22 May 97 15:34:22 -0700 >To: Fun_People@langston.com >Subject: Proof That the World Revolves Around Bill Gates >Reply-To: psl@acm.org (Peter S. Langston) > >Forwarded-by: Marc Abrahams <marca@wilson.harvard.edu> >From: James W Cerny <jim.cerny@unh.edu> > >If you want further proof that Bill Gates really is the axis around which >the world revolves, go to the Web site for his recently formed company, >Teledesic, the compnay that is going to put the Internet in the sky via 841 >satellites. > >There is an extraordinary animated GIF file that shows how this will work. >The really cool thing is not just that it has the satellites moving in >orbit, but it has the earth turning (slowly) underneath *in the wrong >direction* ... or should I say, in what will become the right direction?! > > http://www.teledesic.com/visualizations/npole.html