RE: Proof That the World Revolves Around Bill Gates

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Both Internet Explorer (the wait animation in the upper left corner,
where netscape would have the big green N), and the United Airlines home
page ( show the earth going counter-clockwise about the
North Pole. I'm not sure if this is in agreement or disagreement with
your description of "clockwise (to the right)", since "clockwise"
without reference to a pole is ambiguous.

I believe Internet Explorer and the UAL home page are correct - they
would result in the sun setting in the West, which usually is the case.

When I view with
Internet Explorer 3.02, it at first looks that the earth is rotating in
the opposite direction - clockwise about the North Pole. But then I
realized that the animation is just broken, and it actually shows the
earth rotating smoothly counter-clockwise (in the correct direction) for
a degree or two, then jumping back to the original position. Since the
jump is more visible than the slow rotation, the eye initially just sees
the clockwise about the North Pole motion. (Insert appropriate GEB
reference here, e.g. Figure 5, Escher's Waterfall).

- Joe

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Great example of the power of an erroneous meme. We've
received half
a dozen of these letters.

- dan

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We don't mean to discourage the occasional Bill Gates
humor item, but
the Earth spins clockwise (to the right) both in our
visualization and
in reality. No additional "standardization" was

- dan
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>If you want further proof that Bill Gates really is the
axis around
>the world revolves, go to the Web site for his recently
>Teledesic, the compnay that is going to put the
Internet in the sky
via 841
>There is an extraordinary animated GIF file that shows
how this will
>The really cool thing is not just that it has the
satellites moving
>orbit, but it has the earth turning (slowly) underneath
*in the
>direction* ... or should I say, in what will become
the right