Fw: "Don't let people judge you by the words you *don't* know..."

Rohit Khare (khare@mci.net)
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 15:30:12 -0400

Some choice bits from a comedy list our admin assistant at MCI operates

>> Subject: The Lingo
>> You can't be cool if you're using outdated lingo. Here's the
>> from my
>> friends in the corporate and Silicon Valley jungles:

>> "batmobiling" putting up emotional shields (from the retracting
>> that
>> covers the batmobile) as in "she started talking marriage and he
>> started
>> batmobiling"

>> "beepilepsy" aflicts those with vibrating pagers characterized by
>> spasms, goofy facial expressions and loss of speech

>> "betamaxed" when a technology is overtaken in the market by inferior
>> better marketed competition as in "Microsoft betamaxed Apple right
>> of the
>> market"

>> "generica" fast food joints, strip malls, sub-divisions as in "we
>> so lost
>> in generica that I couldn't remember what city it was"

>> "irritainment" annoying but you can't stop watching as in the O.J.

>> "percussive maintenance" the fine art of whacking a device to get
>> working

>> "prairie dogging" in companies where everyone has a cubicle
>> happens
>> and everyone pops up to look

>> "salmon day" swimming upstream all day to get screwed in the end

>> "square headed girlfriend" computer

>> "treeware" manuals and documentation

>> "um-friend" sexual relationship "this is Mary, my...um...friend"

>> "yuppie food coupons" twenty dollar bills from an ATM

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