Re: Word ate my homework

Jim Whitehead (
Mon, 9 Jun 1997 10:52:36 -0700

>I AM SO LIVID! This fucking piece of Microshit Word ate FOUR HOURS of my
>editing this lousy copy and just let it vanish into thin air.

I wonder what would happen if Adobe started AOL'ing out millions of CD's
with free FrameMaker (a word processor which is superior to Word in just
about every quality, excepting price, which is much higher) on them -- I'm
sure there must be a lot of pent up frustration with Word out there.

The other thought I have is, I wonder what happens if there is a huge
class-action suit against Microsoft (or any large software company) for
people suing for lost time due to the software crashing. For example,
after his last crash, Rohit would be in for 4 hours x $5.50 (his hourly
rate :-) plus pain and suffering :-). Since this scene must be repeated
across America on a daily basis, I'll bet it wouldn't take long to get a
couple 10's of thousands of people involved in the suit.

After all, even though software is largely sold as-is, I think there is an
expectation that if you purchase software it should be reliable.

>PS. Reminders that I should install Linux on my laptop and run emacs will
>be sent to /dev/null.

Just get a Windows version on Emacs.

- Jim