Request for comments: JEDI.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 12 Jun 97 09:19:04 PDT

I'm looking for *constructive* comments (that is, no comments of the "this
work stinks and there's nothing you can do about it") for the paper:


In this paper, we present the design and implementation of a Java
package, as an alternative to RMI, the Java Environment for
Distributed Invocation (JEDI), which is based on dynamic proxies.
Without statically compiled interfaces, JEDI provides a simple, dynamic,
efficient communication mechanism for Java programs. We describe the
integration of JEDI with the CORBA-compliant ILU, and present an
experiment comparing the performance of JEDI with other communication
facilities such as UDP, TCP, RMI, and the Infospheres

Speaking of which, we released our beta 3 of Infospheres last week, in
case anyone is interested:

Dr. Ernie wanted to know, as punningly as possible:

> So, the only question is: is your environment synchronous or
> asynchronous?
> Or, in other words, do we have to wait for the Return of the JEDI?

Right now the remote method calls are synchronous; we haven't had the
chance to implement callbacks yet. But we've mapped out how callbacks
could be done, we just haven't written the code.

I think Dr. Ernie's just giving us a hard time because we referenced his
Dr. Dobbs paper...


It seemed slightly too trivial for a [FoRKpost]; I guess I forgot about Tim.
-- a FoRKer who wants to remain anonymous