Rohit the exhibitionist.

I Find Karma (
Thu, 12 Jun 97 09:28:27 PDT

Someone recently commented that Rohit is miscalibrated, to be exposing
the minutiae of his life in public forums such as fork -- basically,
there is nothing Rohit's not willing to talk about in public, and in
fact, he uses information about himself as a sort of free publicity.

The person suggested that Rohit perhaps would be better suited to NOT
showing all of his cards, as people who keep some aspects of themselves
mysterious seem to remain exotic in the minds of others.

It occurs to me that Rohit's willingness to expose all thoughts,
feelings, and embarrassing experiences are sort of Cartesian:
I think he does it to prove he exists.

I therefore have no qualms about posting the results of my eight ball
questions for the morning, since such public exposure continues to
acknowledge Rohit's existence. Or is this ridiculous rationalization?
[Note: MS & BC are not their real names.]

> 1. Will, in some sick way, MS be responsible for getting Rohit a woman?

Eight ball says: "Outlook not so good."

> 2. Same, but for BC.

Eight ball says: "Don't count on it."

> 3. Same, but for Tim Byars.

Eight ball says: "Yes, definitely."

Not sure what to make of this... the eight ball doesn't lie, right?


Dennis Rodman is the Rohit of the NBA.
-- Joe Kiniry