RE: Rohit the exhibitionist.

duck (
Thu, 12 Jun 1997 17:08:54 -0400 (EDT)

>Then, you are who you are based on what you know about yourself that nobody
>else knows. If everyone else knows you as well as you know yourself, they
>could effectively emulate you, and thus your identity is redundant.
>This implicitly assumes that what you know about yourself must be a superset
>of what everyone else knows about you.

This is assuming:

1) that you know yourself better than anyone else knows you
b) no two people know opposite things about you (ie: one person thinks
you're too cheap, another that you're too extravagant.) And don't give me
that "reality vs. opinion" schtick, because they are one in the same.

And i won't even touch the subject of how we lie to ourselves about our own

In other words, you can't accurately plan for information without taking
into account disinformation -- that given to you by others, that you give
others, and that you give yourself.

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other ideas zoomed past close at hand."

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