Re: We believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

John Klassa (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 09:11:06 -0400

You referred to Lilly's home page:

Can you think of any particular reason why netscape (3.01, I think)
would crash, every )&(*^&*^! (*^&&! (&&*^#%^&! time I tried to load this
page (and many others, for that matter)? Netscape is as much of a piece
of crap as most Microsoft products (sorry, Joe). _MAN_ I get sick and
tired to reloading netscape every time it decides to go belly up. It
simply will _not_ let me load Lilly's page. It doesn't even start to
display the page and then die... It dies as soon as it gets the first
few bits back from

Anybody know why this is?

And _another_ thing :-), why do things like rtf2html filters _suck_?
Why do they fill the resulting html with things like:


What in the _hell_ is the point in that?

Having a _great_ morning,

John Klassa <><

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