Re: We believe in the interconnectedness of all things.

Rumman Gaffur (gaffurr@sonnyj.BTNA.COM)
Fri, 13 Jun 97 9:26:03 EDT

> You referred to Lilly's home page:
> Can you think of any particular reason why netscape (3.01, I think)
> would crash, every )&(*^&*^! (*^&&! (&&*^#%^&! time I tried to load this
> page (and many others, for that matter)? Netscape is as much of a piece
> of crap as most Microsoft products (sorry, Joe). _MAN_ I get sick and
> tired to reloading netscape every time it decides to go belly up. It
> simply will _not_ let me load Lilly's page. It doesn't even start to
> display the page and then die... It dies as soon as it gets the first
> few bits back from
> Anybody know why this is?

are you running netscape on windows 95 by any chance?
it happens to me quite often, but i will never switch to
ie. it could also be that netscape programmers are writing
(crappy code) in a haste in order to meet delivery schedules?

> Having a _great_ morning,
> John

i'm trying to.