Seth Golub (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 11:52:35 -0700

Gosh, an introduction. I haven't tried summarizing myself in a while.

I'm 26. I live in Palo Alto. I work in Mountain View for DevTeamOne,
a company of four (three owners and me) that has a tiny Smalltalk VM
and uses it to write embedded software for small consumer electronics.
I juggle, primarily devil sticks, but also balls and clubs. I've been
slowly educating myself on probablistic AI techniques in my copious
free time, but since my free time is also taken up by juggling,
biking, unicycling, software hacking, thinking about hardware hacking,
writing email, reading email, socializing with friends, and performing
annoying but necessary life maintenance, I haven't gotten as far as
I'd like. But the alternative to having too little time is having not
enough interests, which is a much more disturbing prospect.

My only popular contribution to society so far has been txt2html,
which is an ugly collection of fragile heuristics. My first book
(_Devil Sticks For The Complete Klutz_) will be out in a few months,
and all my friends will look at me with wonder in their eyes and ask,
"Why isn't your name on the cover?".

There's much more to tell, but there's also much more to do today than
tell it.

Seth Golub