Re: Introduction

I Find Karma (
Fri, 13 Jun 97 16:37:58 PDT

Hi, Seth!!

> I'm 26. I live in Palo Alto.

I'm 27. And I lived on 3409 Cowper Road in Palo Alto for three
months last summer.

> (_Devil Sticks For The Complete Klutz_) will be out in a few months,

Ah, the "for the Complete Klutz" series... the evil ancestor of the "xxx
for dummies" and "complete idiot's guide to xxx" series...
So I'm trying to compile this list of famous people Rohit knows
personally, and I could only come up with twelve.

Any ones I'm missing?


I don't know you, I'd never heard of you before tonight, but in some
cases, that's the best a friendship ever gets.
-- Joe Barrera