Re: Introduction & Request for Opinions (Never lacking in FoRK)

Yobie Benjamin (
Fri, 13 Jun 1997 13:36:04 -0700

I feel guilty now that I have been a FoRK lurker for a while. So my own
brief intro... Yobie Benjamin ( Chief Knowledge
Officer of the Cambridge Management Lab, a division of Cambridge
Technology Partners, Inc ( Introduced to the list
by way of Joe Kiniry. I am based in the SF Bay Area with occassional
visits to the Boathouse and FlatTop Johnny's in Cambridge, MA. I know
Adam and Dr. Chandy from the Caltech Infosphere's group. My area of
interests: security, Java, politics, distributed computing,
management/IT issues, education and other issues that affect children.
I also lecture/will lecture in the executive education programs @ UC
Berkeley, UCLA, University of Washington, Babson and Houston-Baptist
University. Also SEVERELY infected by infospheres to the extent that I
have developed very strong interest in their research in the area of
compositional computing. I have to admit that I am constantly
entertained by the banter, both light and serious, of various FoRKers.

Before I go... I will throw out a FoRK kind of question. I have been
invited to speak to a convention of federal judges, US attorneys and
DOJ-types (...that's right, folks who can kill or preserve the
constitution). I have an open topic. I was thinking of CDA, encryption
exports or privacy in the net... maybe even my opinions on sentencing
"cyber-criminals". Any thoughts on any of the above issues or any other
issues. I have 1 1/2 hours to kill.

Enough said for now. Ohhh, and I'm always hiring!