Israel is heaven for writers?

I Find Karma (
Mon, 16 Jun 97 11:51:05 PDT

Hi Claudia,

Long story, but I was perusing

thanks to my officemate Joe, and I couldn't help but notice that you
have a lot -- okay, a ton -- okay, a METRIC TON -- of papers written.
The ones I read looked pretty good, too. And you're a student, right?

I only have one other sample point -- his name is Ron Resnick, and he
lives in Haifa -- but this guy churns out prose at an astonishing rate
as well. Of course, he mostly sends his stuff to mailing lists, whereas
you get your work published regularly.

conducive to writing -- heck, most of the Bible was written there, and
that's as Herculean an undertaking as they get. (Aside: I still can't
believe the Bible gets away with not having any references; whenever I
submit something without a bibliography it gets thrown back in my face).

So... what do you think of my hypothesis? Is Israel conducive to
writing? If so, I have to send my friend Rohit Khare there. He seems
to be suffering from major writer's block. Plus it would move him 8000
miles further away from me, always a plus... :)