Re: Once again, what's a PASSLQ.

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Mon, 16 Jun 1997 11:32:31 -0700 (PDT)

I. Find Karma writes:
> > And there are those 18% of necrophiliac-americans whose civil rights
> > must be defended. I mean, who are we to to judge those who happen to
> > be turned on by a nice firm corpse?
> You know, the terminally-inconvenienced never turned me on.

jeez, then just move on man!

> > Darn, there are about 34% whose sex life involves non-gendered things,
> > such as the Usenet hierarchy and a big pillow.
> Rob, you need to come back from Europe, buddy.

hey, he's in _france_ man. it's just like america; just with better
accents and more smokes. :)

> > PS: In answer to the question that started this, Myriam is indeed my
> > SBSLQ now not just a g.f. (Sexy Babe Sharing Living Quarters).
> Did I ever tell you the two ways to tell if someone's sexy? The first
> way is, if they have really poor memory, they're sexy.
> I wish I could remember the other way.

ah, it's, ummm, well, oh yeah! if the mere thought of whether they
are sexy or not makes you rise to the occasion, then they are probably

> > PPS: Where did your 10% come from? If I recall correctly (always a
> > doubtful proposition), in anonymized surveys roughly 97% of
> > American men claim to be heterosexual, 1.5% homosexual and 1.5%
> > bisexual.
> 10%? I made it up, estimating roughly (when compared with the
> population) the number of characters in movies, television,
> plays/musicals, dance numbers, and music, who are gay.

ah, there's a good methodology. that's like going to an IT
organization full of under-educated folks that are terrified of losing
their jobs and asking how many of them hate M$.

> 97% of American population claims to be hetero, eh? There's one
> application of the 3% I don't want to be in... not that there's anything
> wrong with it...

well, the numbers that i've seen put the total number of non-heteros
somewhere just above 15%, perhaps even as high as 20%. believe what
you may...

> ----
> Dip me in honey and throw me to the lesbians!

boy, it'd be like throwing a young child to the dogs to fight for meat.