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Mon, 16 Jun 1997 16:31:24 -0500

Okay, time for some more "Friends of Rohit Khare" anagrams. You may see the
entire list (along with a useful pointer to the definition for "kif") at:

Afford her? Er, I think so.
Ahh, drink offertories.
Ahh, foist FoRK, Dr. Ernie.
A. Rifkin ferret'd HoHos.
Define short-hair FoRK.
Die off, Torah-shrinker!
Dither in offshore ark.
Ditka-honorer sheriff
Drear offshore, I think.
Dr. Ernie shook Fr. faith.
Dr. Ernie's HoHo-raft kif.
Fairer FoRK on the dish
Fashion the dork frier.
Find the horror is fake.
Finish the FoRK adorer.
Ford the fishier Akron.
FoRK ordainer: "The fish."
Forsake the horrid fin.
Fortifiers heard honk.
Frank, his hired, er, foot
Frank roofed the Irish.
Freakish horned Frito
Friend of hers hit okra.
Friend of The Rio Shark?
Frisk Dr. Ernie -- HoHo fat?
Friskier, to-and-fro. Heh.
Frisk the hood? Refrain.
Froth, sorehead Rifkin!
Hark to offish (?) Dr. Ernie!
Hartford heifers oink!
Heftier fakirs honor'd.
Henri, too-dark sheriff
Here it is, Hanford: FoRK!
Heron fortified shark.
Hike frostier Hanford.
Hiroshi, afferent dork
Hiroshi effort ranked.
His Honor, "Fat-Free" Dirk.
HoHos trendier, Kaffir.
Hokier hirer standoff
Honor her dark fifties.
Horn-fortified Shaker
Hornier hike, Stafford.
Horrid, forsaken thief!
Idaho-shrinker effort
I'd rather sniff hooker.
If I had FoRK shortener ...
If not for head shirker ...
If not for heard shriek ...
Irk sheriff on the road.
I think of a fresh order.
I think of fresher road.
I think so hard for free.
Keratoid sheriff horn
Krishna fried the roof.
Krishna offed Herriot.
Krishna offered Rohit.
Nakedish, or other riff ...
Narks hid the roof fire.
Nordhoff, their Kaiser
Noria, the dork sheriff
On fire for the rash kid
Order the raffish oink.
Ratfish hooker friend
Red FoRK in the oarfish
Rhenish fifer too dark.
Riff the dork nose hair.
Rifkin, the roof shader
Riskier hand-off to her
"Riskin' Fat-Free HoHo" Dr.
Risk the daffier honor.
Ron Headrest, hi-fi FoRK.
Roof fisher, in the dark
Shark forfeited rhino.
Shift'd freakier honor.
Shiftier hoofer drank.
Shrink odor-free faith.
Shrink the radio offer.
Shoehorn tariff irked.
Sniff the horrid Korea.
Stiffer hairdo-honker
Take off, horrid Shiner!
The dark roof finisher
The fiendish FoRK roar
The infrared hoof risk
The rakish Ford on fire
Think, "Hairdos for free ..."
Those horrified Frank.


I think it's time we trotted out the old Twikie defense.