Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

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Tue, 17 Jun 1997 07:22:07 -0700

Rumman Gaffur at 7:01 AM -0700 on 6/17/97, came up with this:

> i don't know about sympathy, i reckon the most common
> reaction would be, "you stupid %&$#, i could have
> told you that to begin with".
> in a slightly tangential subject, there was a recent
> interview with niklaus wirth in the june copy of
> software development which i really agree with.
> my main peeve is programmers who call themselves
> software engineers. a lot of programmers (and managers)
> don't seem to understand that software tools are to
> programming what word processors are to good
> works of literature - you must have talent to
> begin with.


> NW- Recently, I read a final report of a research project funded
> by the Swiss National Science Foundation.


> Indeed, the woes of software engineering are not due to lack of tools
> or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient
> technical competence.

Anyone remember HyperCard? Software programming for the masses? Remember
what was produced? An endless stream of calculators, recipe books, and
Album cataloging stacks.



Microsoft provides so much trollbait, it practically attacks itself.

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