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Tue, 17 Jun 1997 07:41:46 -0700

Robert Harley at 2:57 AM -0700 on 6/17/97, came up with this:

now I'm scared.

> JoeK also wrote:
> Subject: Re: Crossposting, FoRKposting, and PoSTforking...
> >why does everyone on fork seem to have such bad freakin' taste in
> >music? doesn't anyone around here listen to something melodic now and
> >then? how about a lead singer who can actually sing?! [...]
> May I humbly submit Andrea Bocelli singing modern opera? Recently
> I've been listening to "Con Te Partiro'" and "Romanza" a lot...
> that and the Metallica oldies.

I always used to mix Opera with Metalllica on my CD turntable.

What will the future bring? And alpha? Or a beefy PPC for Rob, stay tuned.



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