Re: 5 threads in 1

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 09:45:57 -0700 (PDT)

Robert Harley writes:
> >So, while I'm responding to Rob Harley, and now that FoRK has
> >become such a lovefest of soul-baring, who is Rob Harley anyway?
> >How does an Irishman wind up in France?
> Because his Dad always loved France, got a job here 15 years ago and
> dragged us all over... I think it was for the wine.

or the women...

> >Why did he go to Caltech
> It was the grad-school with a good reputation in the US that least
> resembled a factory. That and the SoCal climate.

and more resembled a royal garden...

> >Why does he keep an Irish flag on his web page?
> Most of my pages are available in both English and French: on the
> French ones I have the French flag and on the English ones, I'm hardly
> going to put the Union Jack or the Stars and Stripes!

aye, all i'm waiting for is the home page in Irish/Gaelic!

> >Why does his thumbnail jpeg look like he's trying to
> >scare everyone away? Is he?
> No! Hey that's the best picture I have. You should have seen the
> previous one :(

aye, it made you actually look tall and imposing... my uncle says the
photo on my web page makes me look like a vampire. perhaps my new
look is better (i.e. i average about 0.5mm of hair on my head

> >What is ML? What is so great about it that I'd never, ever heard
> about it until 2 months ago, and now I *keep* hearing about it
> It's a "real" programming languages as opposed to a toy one, whose
> semantics have been completely definitely by a book-full of
> mathematical equations. In theory it's flawless. In practice it's
> fairly decent.

thus m$ will implement their fault-tolerence software in it why...?

actually, i'm a repressed fan of ml. i've been told that if one
learns thirty computer languages, your head explodes. so, since i'm at

> -- Rob.