Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 10:09:33 -0700 (PDT) writes:
> Rumman Gaffur at 7:01 AM -0700 on 6/17/97, came up with this:
> > Indeed, the woes of software engineering are not due to lack of tools
> > or proper management, but largely due to lack of sufficient
> > technical competence.

actually, i would argue that they are due to lack of good tools, lack
of good management, _and_ lack of technical competance. remember
those cockroaches folks!

> Anyone remember HyperCard? Software programming for the masses? Remember
> what was produced? An endless stream of calculators, recipe books, and
> Album cataloging stacks.

gee, yeah, sounds like the first year of java's lifecycle and 99% of
the crappy eight-hundred page books on the shelf at your local

can anyone explain to me why the books on a popular (comprehensive,
somewhat complex, OO) programming language are _shorter_ than the
books on a web browser?!

> -T