Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Yobie Benjamin (
Tue, 17 Jun 1997 21:53:06 -0700

> Sign me up, you know that. I'm ready to get the revolution going
> any time now.
> Heck, I've been so caught up in getting the infrastructure 'just
> right' that
> I've held off developing any app objects for close on 2 years now,
> till it
> was all 'ready'. Talk about insisting on perfect technology - 'tis
> time
> to let go,and get going. Let's get started.... what to do about those
> vomiting
> cockroaches though? They're gonna mess everything up, you know.
> >gee, yeah, sounds like the first year of java's lifecycle and 99% of
> >the crappy eight-hundred page books on the shelf at your local
> >supermarket.
> >
> >can anyone explain to me why the books on a popular (comprehensive,
> >somewhat complex, OO) programming language are _shorter_ than the
> >books on a web browser?!

Hah... I think there's only one "good" book on Java... "Java in a
Nutshell" and it is not 800 pages!

> In all honesty, I believe the single biggest reason for the phenomena
> addressed above (Hypercard, early Java) is that without proper
> distribution, they are simply toys. No real business application
> exists as a purely local app, or applet. That's why the only stuff
> produced with such tools (throw OpenDoc in the mix here) is
> toys & trinkets. Once we get a real distribution model in place,
> (and no, JEDI doesn't count), let's see what happens then.

Seriously. I have 4 Java applications (NOT bonehead applets) and I am
doing some major head banging trying to optimize them with no great
success. Damn browser based JIT/JVMs from Symantec, Borland, Apple and
M$ are _all_ shitty. As far as Sun is concerned, show me the JIT/JVM!
As JoeK said once to me, Java is great but... (JoeK, fill in the

> Ron.

Yobie Benjamin

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