Re: CORBA and COM just don't mix

Yobie Benjamin (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 09:06:54 -0700

Joseph R. Kiniry wrote:

> Yobie Benjamin writes:
> > Hah... I think there's only one "good" book on Java... "Java in a
> > Nutshell" and it is not 800 pages!
> i'm sorry yobie, but even though david is a friend of mary's and all,
> it is by far the best book on java. in fact, it's not even in our top
> five, and we've looked at probably 30.
> oh, and it's not 800 pages because it only talks about the very core
> of java. to write a real application you need a whole lot more...
> of course, you need a whole lot more than java has _got_.
> > Seriously. I have 4 Java applications (NOT bonehead applets) and I
> am
> > doing some major head banging trying to optimize them with no great
> > success. Damn browser based JIT/JVMs from Symantec, Borland, Apple
> and
> > M$ are _all_ shitty. As far as Sun is concerned, show me the
> > As JoeK said once to me, Java is great but... (JoeK, fill in the
> > blanks...)
> um...i'm at a loss.
> perhaps "... i could write a fuckin financial distributed system in
> lisp if i had to..."?

And run it in Netscrape or Internet Exploder.

> or was it "... a programmer is only as good as his tool..."?

As good as the environment perhaps... If you need AWT today, you're
hosed! Hell, I don't know anyone who can do it UNLESS JoeK re-writes
AWT! ;^)

> maybe, "... it's not the _name_ of the tool that counts, it's how you
> _use_ it..."?

Go ahead try those damn AWT widgets!

> oh, no, it was "... ML is BETTER!" (tee hee - hi ron!)
> ah, yes, that's it:
> "... why hello there! those are _nice_ shoes! can i buy you a
> drink?"

Double Jager please...

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