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> >However one of THE MOST annoying features is the normal Apple menu bar now
> >says, "Help" right after "Special." Why do I have to see this? And to take
> >that even further does Apple really believe they are going to sell a
> >computer/OS to someone that already isn't familiar with the Mac? The little
> >[?] button was bad enough, but now I have to see this stupid Help menu
> >everytime I look at the Finder. Certaintly in 1984 when this OS came out
> >and no one had a computer that makes sense, but is it really necessary?
> Obviously, someone seems to think so. Not everyone has worked with Macs
> since 1984. I just moved over to Mac's from PC's and if OS 8 was what I had
> to start on, it could be helpful. I bet that's probably one of the things
> that that "someone" had in mind. I guess you'll have to live with it. Maybe
> Mac could release an advanced user OS so you don't have to look at the word
> Help on the menu bar.

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