Re: Message for the newbies.

I Find Karma (
Wed, 18 Jun 97 21:53:12 PDT

Clover wrote:
> >>To this I can only respond, it's because I have the peace of mind and
> >>inner spirit that these fellows fear they can never possess.
> So true Adam. To know you is to love you.

\me dances the Snoopy dance in my little office.

Ron wrote:
> Which reminds me. I recently posted a 'shadchan' (matchmaker) list of
> options for Rohit. But I now realize that we have an eligible bachelor
> with a list full of eager matchmakers, and we have Rohit's best friend
> with an eligible sister.

Don't do it, man. She'll break your heart.

> Hmm, Adam and Rohit become brothers-in-law?

Rohit would be my outlaw-in-law.

> This has potential. Then again, by the description of Ms. Rifkin
> I've seen, I doubt she's the type to read the FoRK archives.

You got that right. She'd play "Atomic Wedgie the Geekmeisters".

> And I'm not sure she'd be Rohit's type, though maybe that's
> best left to them to decide.

Rohit, care to share your off-the-envelope calculations of the
likelihood that you will find someone who is "your type"?

> So Adam, are you posting that private thread you now
> have public permission to post?

Gosh no. I have a trust paper I'm cramming to finish, and I'm 411
emails behind. And I'm going offline June 26 - July 10, though Joe and
Ro keep demanding that I suck up the 20 cents a minute Long Distance Card
rape charges and log in from wherever I am, which will be:

June 26. LAX -> Ft Lauderdale, FL. Hop on the boat.
June 27 - June 30. Cruise to the Bahamas, mama. Anyone have any moola
they want filtered to a nice offshore account?
July 1 - July 2. Chilling with the grandparents in Floridia.
July 2 - July 6. Fly up to Roanoke, VA. Visit with family-in-laws-to-be.
July 6 - ? Mad dash driving across the country.
VA -> Tennessee -> Oklahoma -> Texas panhandle -> NM -> AR -> Vegas -> LA

Long Distance Cards are ficking expensive. Madness takes its toll,
please have exact change, yadda yadda yadda.

Probably catch heck from Rohit when I go offline to take out a condo in
Maui with Dan and Joe July 22-27, too...


It seems like everyone on FoRK has some kind of agenda they're trying to
get away with. I'm the only pure one on the LiST!
-- Joe Kiniry