how long do systems stay up you ask? a comparison shop.

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 20:06:25 -0700 (PDT)

<another NT vs. UNIX post - just ignore me>

it seems that one of our fellow graduate students happened across a
query in a newsgroup. the question was whether NT had an "uptime"
command (or similar). for the hoes at home, this is a command that
will inform you of a number of things about your system, though most
relevant of which (to this discussion) is how much time has passed
since your last reboot.

first, if there is such a command (i'm sure joeB will tell us), i
challenge any user on the group to find an NT system that has stayed
up over, say, a month. you find one, i'll buy you dinner.

you can see from the following that such issues are _non_ issues with
unix. note that this is _not_ an idle system, it is someone's desktop

hey mary-girl, how about you check how long your various mail servers
have been up for us? (remember folks, these are the, what fourteen?
_primary_ mail servers that kaiser uses to support there email system
for _all_ of california. that says nothing about the fact that i only
needed _two_ servers and four feps to support email 1.25 _million_
people at sprint. but hey, they were running a real operating system.
nuff said.)


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>>Microsoft operating systems.
>Does NT even *have* an uptime command?
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BTW, Mika finds this remarkable, so maybe you will too:

hebe(berna)% uptime
7:51pm up 651 days, 21:39, 3 users, load average: 0.09, 0.16, 0.00
(This probably says as much about my disinclination to demand upgrades
as about anything else, but hey ....)

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