Re: Welcome, Hokkun Pang!

I Find Karma (
Wed, 18 Jun 97 19:46:29 PDT

Tim wrote:

> If you would be so kind to the other users of FoRK to divert upwards of 20
> million to yours truly, you will be insuring yourself and the rest of FoRK
> of years of vicarious thrills.

Well worth the $20 million, I assure you.

> Swap those digits around and send it on to
> Mucho Buck-ola to CobraBoy!
> c/o
> Adam Rifkin
> Adam has the official duties on this project and I would never go around
> one of my people.

Thanks, Tim.

Let's reiterate the spiel as it appears in the FoRK faq...


> Tim is a stand-up philosopher of the Nth degree, a philosopher's
> philosopher, with articulate expressions evincing from his beep
> throat. Tim will retire once his Foundation has accumulated the
> requisite $19.873 million needed to support him in the decadent yet
> austere lifestyle to which he would like to grow accustomed; you can
> send your donations to the Tim Byars Foundation, 300 East Bellevue #117,
> Pasadena, CA 91101. With my 34, Tim, you're up to 56 cents!! Decadent
> retirement, here you come...

I think we need to do a major fund drive soon. Byarthon '97...


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