A FoRK Travel Exclusive

Yobie Benjamin (yobie@yobie.com)
Wed, 18 Jun 1997 22:59:16 -0700

As you FoRK'ers know, I have some mucky-muck title @ CTP. Part of my
responsibilities is to find 3%'ers who are willing to talk intelligently
in an engaging manner (not all 3%ers can!) on a variety of topics, i.e.
Web-Centric Development for Businesses, Mangling (...I mean Managing)
Information Resources or whatever cool topic of the day is... That is
cool to CIO, CFO, CEO types.

They are held in multiple locations, Berkeley, UCLA (free bus ticket for
the LA-LA gang), UofWash, Babson, Houston-Baptist, Ecole Ceram (Nice),
Smurfit (Dublin), Zurich (somewhere), Germany (somewhere) and Keio
(Tokyo)... You get the point... free tickets and hotels. I guess not
many will volunteer for some of the local destinations.

If you're interested, proposed topic & resume please...

Yobie Benjamin

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