RE: how long do systems stay up you ask? a comparison shop.

Daniel M. Zimmerman (
Thu, 19 Jun 1997 00:23:30 -0700

>I don't know off-hand of an "uptime" equivalent (command-line program
>that just tells you uptime). But you can use the Event Viewer to see
>when the system was restarted. I looked at MSR, the primary file server
>for Microsoft Research, and ATR, the primary domain controller for
>Microsoft Research (named back when Research was part of Advanced
>Technology & Business Development).
>MSR's event log starts at 2/28/97. There are two restarts, one on 5/27
>and one on 6/6.
>ATR's event log starts at 3/25/97. There are two restarts, one on 3/27
>and one on 4/21.

Are restarts logged when a machine crashes and has to be power cycled, or
just when somebody actually goes over to the cute little Start Button and
then selects Shut Down (and then, nonintuitively enough, selects Restart,
so the system doesn't actually shut down)?

If restarts aren't logged when the machine falls over and dies, you're
probably only getting about 3% of the story... :)

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