RE: Freedom from Microsoft != Freedom from Intel.

Joe Barrera (
Sat, 21 Jun 1997 21:04:23 -0700

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We have like 30 machines in our lab, and they DO NOT CRASH. Except we
had one machine that would crash every couple of days. I finally
narrowed it down to a memory problem, replaced the memory, and
everything was great. For a couple of weeks, at least. At that point I
realized it must be the power supply frying things, in particular the
memory. But Jim refused to let me fix the machine any more, so back to
Redmond it went. Three months later I found out that the machine was
given to a new hardware support guy as a puzzle, and he finally did in
fact track it to the power supply, which he replaced, and the machine
was fine after that.

My point is that, in my experience, if an NT machine crashes, it's a
hardware problem.

So what the heck are YOU guys doing to make your NT machines crash???

I am really truly puzzled and I'm close to flying down there and setting
up a debugger and trying to figure out what the problem is...

- Joe