Re: Chicago Convention Freedom Rights Explained

I Find Karma (
Sat, 21 Jun 97 20:36:28 PDT

> > qoph - a letter in the Hebrew alphabet

Personally, I spell it with a K. Koph.

> Why do so many transliterations use wacky spellings when the language
> has more accepted forms for the same phonemes? Is it just to set the
> words apart?

Nope, it's to make sure Scrabble players have ample opportunity to land
that "Q" on a triple word score.

BTW, the word "Iraq" doesn't have a U after the Q, and it's a word
everyone knows.

So I hear that Rohit's conning me into coming to the July 19 San
Francisco tingle. Yet another day I have no access to email:
June 27 - July 2 --- on the Carnival Cruise in Florida
July 2 - July 6 ---- on Michelle's parents' farm, doing farm things
July 6 - ? --------- driving across the US (why'd I hafta see Breakdown?)
July 19 ------------ drive up to San Francisco
July 22 - July 28 -- in Maui with Dan, Mani, Joe
August 1 - Aug 4 --- in New York City with G-man, Dobbin, Ragoo, maybe Duck
Aug 29 - Sept 1 ---- in Seattle with Megan (is this labor day?)

Geez, and I got down on JoeK for taking a weekend off.
JoeK, take the rest of the week off! I'm starting to enjoy
your machine...


On other occasions, Gates pointed to the operation of what he called the
"herd" effect --- "90 percent of the people in this industry are the
herd." The herd effect hindered Microsoft's attempts to gain market
share for its spreadsheet on the DOS side where Lotus had the attention
of the "herd," but it worked in the company's favor on the Macintosh
side where in the mid-1980s Microsoft's Excel far outsold Lotus's Jazz.
The reason Microsoft sold twenty copies of its Mac product for every one
of Lotus's was not because it was significantly better technically ---
Gates himself said it was only marginally better --- but because, Gates
observed, once the market anoints a leader the entire universe of
third-party support --- "all the books, all the templates, all the
training, all the [stores'] stocking," --- heads in the direction of the
leader, too.
-- Randall E. Stross, _The Microsoft Way_