Freedom from Microsoft != Freedom from Intel.

I Find Karma (
Sat, 21 Jun 97 19:44:38 PDT

NT 4.0, meet my sledgehammer. Enjoy your stupid crashing while
you can, because I am wiping you and all of your Microsoft cronies
off my machine in a day or two.

JoeK, being as you decided to take the weekend off (!), I'm taking over
your machine so I can get some work done. I refuse to try to get work
done on my NT crashtestdummybox anymore. It will now run as a dedicated
Quake client. At least that way when NT crashes, I'll have something to
blame my losing other than my lack of playing skillz.

I stand by my point that I don't dislike Microsoft because they are
evil and I don't dislike them because they are immoral. I dislike
them because their products keep losing my time and my work. I'm
ready to stop the insanity. I'll pay whatever it takes, just get
this leeching poisonous software off my machine!

How the heck do these products continually get top ratings in
computer magazines? Does Microsoft pay them to run favorable reviews,
or are the reviewers just plain lacking in good taste?

I guess even if I succeed in exorcising Microsoft from my work life,
I am more than stuck with Intel until I get the heck out of Caltech.
I must have been a mass murderer in a former life to deserve the
life with which I am presently stuck.

> From Fri Jun 20 11:58:12 1997
> To:
> Subject: Presidential Transition
> Office of the Chairman
> Memorandum
> June 20, 1997
> To: Caltech Community
> From: Gordon E. Moore
> Subject: Presidential Transition
> I am pleased to announce that David Baltimore will begin his term as
> president of Caltech on October 15, 1997. During his first week, David
> will be representing the Institute at the annual meeting of the Association
> of American Universities (AAU) at Columbia University. He will actually
> arrive at Caltech on Tuesday, October 21, and will be in his office
> beginning October 22.
> As you are aware, Tom Everhart had expressed his desire to begin retirement
> in September 1997. To ensure a smooth transition, I am delighted that Tom
> has agreed to extend his term until mid-October.
> Thank you for your cooperation during this transition.
> c: David Baltimore
> Thomas E. Everhart
> ***************************************************************************
> You are receiving this via the Personnel Directory database. If you prefer
> receiving memos on paper, please email or drop a note
> to Directory 17-6.
> ***************************************************************************


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