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Back in 1990, there was a series of child abuse cases allegedly involving
satanic rituals in the United Kingdom. The Nottingham county council
ordered a report on the incidents, but ended up suppressing the report
because it didn't like the conclusions. Of course, it ended up being leaked
and found its way to the Web. By the time government officials in the UK
got an injunction ordering its removal, the report had already been
mirrored on sites in Belgium, the U.S. and Germany.

Since UK officials are trying to enforce the injunction on others in
foreign jurisdictions, it's not likely to succeed. The issue drives home
the point that in a distributed computing world, government censorship
will have to extend to shutting off the outgoing and ingoing pipes at the
border (as China has mostly succeeded in doing) or they can forget about
trying to enforce such censorship efforts.


The Full Report:

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