Cringley on "being quoted"

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 24 Jun 1997 21:52:39 -0400

[From the letters box to Cringely's PBS column. In the first, I note that
we have 97% of perfection -- an _almost_ hybrid stewardess-cum-OOPer
(sigh). On the second, I only note wryly Cringley's version of the Golden
Rule -- he loves being quoted, so why not return the favor? --RK]On EMTs,
OOP, and C++
Dear Bob,
I just read your article on OOP, and I'm not sure if I really
consumed the real message, but no one would be happier to see OOP obsolete
than me. I took my first programming course, C++, and failed at it
miserably. It was then that I decided that a computer science degree may
not be for me. By the way, I am a Firefighter/Paramedic and at the age of 8
I wanted to be an Airline Hostess. I'm about as far away from that dream
than I ever thought possible!
Cheryl Masters

Virginia Beach, Virginia


Dear Cheryl,
I'm not sure OOP is obsolete, but it is definitely going in a
direction other than that intended by the rocket scientists who think they
control this stuff. That was my point. And I used to be a firefighter/EMT
when I lived years ago in a cabin in the Santa Cruz mountains. I never
actually went to a fire, but specialized in motorcycle accidents.
All the best,

Bob's Course Language
Dear Bob,
Great column--I am 100% in agreement with your analysis, having
watched trends in this business since the early 70's. I am going to be
teaching an MBA course in "Computer Architectures" this fall, and I was
already planning on using the notion of "our inevitable inability to
forecast the evolution of technology" as its theme. OK if I quote liberally
from this column (giving you due credit, of course)?
Thanks again, and, by the way, I'm sorry about your tiff with
InfoWorld. The quality of the "Cringely" column has definitely gone down
since you left that post.
Barry Lavine

Portland, Oregon


Thanks, Barry. I love being quoted.
All the best,