Re: Elliptic curve cryptosystems & Bidzos

Rohit Khare (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 17:00:18 -0400

A FoRKee to be named later queried:

>What's tweakish?

It's a Cringelyism, at least to me. A tweak loves technical details -- the
kind of person who *would* tweak a 20-channel DSP-driven audio equalizer.
Bill Gates is a tweak.

>How are you finding IE 4.0 and especially Outlook Express? How stable

It's the worst possible browser except for all the others. IE4 crashes,
fatally now that it's my shell; both are EXTREMELY easily confused about
DNS going away when you switch dial->ether, etc (i.e. you can use NS, but
IE is convinced it can't resolve anything). IE4 has random bugs where it
will d/l a page, but not display it (c.f. the ecc site of this thread). IE4
autocomplete is less than useless. IE4 incremental display isn't.

Outlook Express is further trash: no explicit save-draft command; lots of
beta bugs like missing spell-check. Mail processing rules are not bad.
search functionality crippled. slow.

>is it? What do you think of the HTML mail implementation?

What implementation? the buggy composer, which can't even get ASCII
linewrap straight (as you've all seen from my FoRKposts recently)? HTML
editor is waaay weak. Even cut-and-paste is SLOW, O(5-10 seconds), and even
then double-spaces its pastes. The 'ascii mode' happily leaves all
formatting intact, offering no way to dumb it down. Insult to injury: it
can't even cut/paste HTML selections from IE or Word.

There are only 2 reasons to use it: 1) it preemptively snarfed some of my
mail into its stupid binary format in the beginning (lock-in) and 2)
Eudora's butt-ugly.

Waiting for a relase version to slam it properly,

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