Pronounce this

CobraBoy! (
Wed, 25 Jun 1997 14:39:52 -0700

Well from time to time I have to update my pronunciation skills since I
will say something and some tweak will snicker. Usually he is wrong, but I
figured this was as good as anything to post here and keep my over posting
status up to par.

.GIF, believe it or not this is pronounced "Jiff" according to the author
of the standard.

Linux, according to Linus Torvallus or whatever his name is it is
pronounced "Lynn - X" Once while talking to a Red Hat Linux guy I was
saying "line-x"and after a while he said to be he wasn't familiar with that
OS. I said "???" and he asked if I was referring to "lynn-x."

Now my question


Is it "day-mon" or "dee-mon" ? I've said it both ways and heard it both ways.



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