Re: FoRK

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Thu, 26 Jun 1997 10:53:00 -0500

> That's some anagram generator you've got, if those were
> all straight from the algorithm's mouth.

Well, it's the dictionary that counts most, but the generator's got its
features, too. Alas, the output does require some sifting and editing,
but I'm pondering a few approaches to deal with that. You can get the
gist of my approach to the art at:


As regards your top ten list
(a good one, mind you), here're a few more for "Impatiens Press":

Armpits. Penises.
Empress pianist
Empties sprains.
Imparts penises.
Merit sappiness.
Mister Pinesaps
Paint impresses.
Paints spiremes.
Panties impress.
Papists' ermines
Parsnip, it seems.
Permits pansies.
Pimp's irateness
Pinesap smiters
Pisant premises
Pismire aptness
Press in pastime
Primates' spines
Prime pastiness
Ripens pastimes.
Same pinstripes
Semite parsnips
Semper pianists
Sistine Pampers
Snappiest miser
Spessartine imp
Spin sesame trip.
Stamps pineries.
Strippin' sesame