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Joe Barrera (
Thu, 26 Jun 1997 09:08:34 -0700

[ Rohit comments on IE4 omitted ]

I've played with IE4 but I'm sticking to IE3.02 and Outlook (for now at
least). IE4 does crash. I don't like software that crashes.

> There are only 2 reasons to use it: 1) it preemptively snarfed some of
> mail into its stupid binary format in the beginning (lock-in)

Sigh, yes, this is really a bummer. I know that one could write a
20-line visual basic program using MAPI to get all the mail messages
out, converted into whatever format you want, but I've never gotten
around to writing the thing.

> and 2) Eudora's butt-ugly.

I'm glad someone else notices this. Eudora, Turbo Tax, AOL, etc. seem to
think that huge garish buttons are great. I'd hate to see a car they
would design. The steering wheel would say "HORN" in 96 point bold
arial, same with "RADIO", "SEAT", "WINDSHIELD", and God knows what else.

- Joe (back in San Francisco, barely)

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