Re: Pair of au pairs (but not from paris...)

duck (
Fri, 27 Jun 1997 08:14:10 -0400 (EDT)

At 07:48 PM 6/26/97 -0400, Rohit Khare wrote:
>Duck quoth in :
>>He saw it last night in the eyes of a 6'2" Blonde German au pair that he
>> asked to be his babysitter. Not his kids' babysitter, mind you, HIS
>> babysitter Tell the nice folks about your new friend, Ro.
>I note only for FoRK's entertainment that the matched pair of au pairs from
>Albany by way of East Germany will be staying with me in Boston this

And i note, only for the sake of one-upmanship and to play for the
misogynist (jokingly, for your entertainment), that after the appetizer in
Boston, they will then be dining at my place in NYC most of the following
week and weekend of the 4th, with two more friends in tow. So, like an
idiot, i am going to DC for the weekend while a quartet of hot Europeans
who i barely know and one of whom has beaten me armwrestling (2 out of 3)
enjoy my pad without me. It's no wonder i can't get a date, i simply don't
take advantage of opportunities. If i ever start a business, don't invest.

Adam - Robitch and i will hit DC late Thursday night. Will you still be in
town or are you scooting early? Any other FoRKers in DC area for the 4th?


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