RE: TBTF for 6/30/97: Step right up

Joseph R. Kiniry (
Mon, 30 Jun 1997 11:13:10 -0700 (PDT)


Joe Barrera writes:
> > Thanks to David Black <> for a quick analysis.
> That would be David Black of CMU and the Mach project, and then OSF/RI.
> (I guess OSF has been renamed OpenGroup?)

yup, it is.

> I almost worked for the OSF/RI with David, but the Dark Force was too
> strong to resist...

how sad.

> At any rate, Hi David! Say hi to Randy for me! Did you know I moved to
> Microsoft's Bay Area Research Lab, working with Jim Gray?
> - Joe

gee whiz, this is scary. i didn't think about that - you know david
too, eh? wow joe, you and i might have been colleagues in another

> PS. If you're wondering what this FoRK thing is, see
> ... it's the
> closest thing to the Opinion bboard I've seen since leaving CMU...
> (although more bits and less personal flamage)

yes david, you might enjoy it. there are several mysterious folks
from your past and present running around here.

oh, btw, nice analysis.

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