Re: Erotica-LA

Rohit Khare (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 11:24:21 -0400 (EDT)

> Thumbs up for Erotica-LA! Wished you were here. Went with CobraBoy. Had a
> blast. Hey, might even be able to attend July FoRK party since I may be in
> San Francisco for a sex party.

{dark and stormy night}

{flashing blue lights}

{wailing siren bgsound}

(ok, then just *imagine* I'm using the right stylesheet, ok?)

"Ma'am, please step out of the Cobra"

"Why what-ever for, Mr. Officer, Sir? Little ol' me jes' postin'
innocently away..."

"Ma'am, I don't think you quite understand the seriousness of your
vi-o-lation... Do you know what the penalty is for crossin' the path
of a FoRK Commandment?"

"But I'm just three lines from home? Nothin' I done right above could be
that serious, now, officer? <flutter>"

"FoRK FaQ Section 7, Chapter 12, verse 19: And thy brethren shall
profit by thy adventures -- share amongst all that they may vicariously
experience the Joy of FoRK"

"But.. but... CobraBoy is teasin' all the time! That's jes' not FAIR!"

"Ma'am, CobraBoy may be a' pillagin' and shamin' the good name of FoRK
in every corner of this county, but he ain't never done scrape the
law on this one. 'ceptin his thing for little boys..."

"Why you remember 'em shooter girls? That's the kind of postin' we
like to see in these parts. Three lines about 'wish you were HERE'?!
and scarin' away the townsfolk with your tanatalizin' tips about sex
parties?! Why I already got three complaints of disturbin' the peace
on you. Heck, Rajit here got so tickled he up and ran away from the
whole list over this! Do you want that on your head, ma'am, driving
off an upright innocent mathematician, async vlsi demon, and
chocoholic like that? Are you THAT KIND OF CITIZEN?"

"Why... Why.. I never ever meant to do wrong by no-body. What say I just
back up and try that post again?"

"Just this once, ma'am. Just back that keyboard up and do it for us all,
once more, with feelin'"

Officer Khare

PS. There is one other penalty: you have to be at this party! Heck,
I'm flyin' 10,000+ km myself to be there. (got first class confirmed
seats for $87 each way)