Re: Erotica-LA

CobraBoy! (
Tue, 1 Jul 1997 08:33:20 -0800

Someone named Rohit Khare around 7:24 AM -0800 on 7/1/97, cleverly crafted

> > Thumbs up for Erotica-LA! Wished you were here. Went with CobraBoy.
>Had a
> > blast. Hey, might even be able to attend July FoRK party since I may be in
> > San Francisco for a sex party.
> {dark and stormy night}
> {flashing blue lights}
> {wailing siren bgsound}
> (ok, then just *imagine* I'm using the right stylesheet, ok?)
> "Ma'am, please step out of the Cobra"
> "Why what-ever for, Mr. Officer, Sir? Little ol' me jes' postin'
> innocently away..."

(AOL newbies)

> "Ma'am, I don't think you quite understand the seriousness of your
> vi-o-lation... Do you know what the penalty is for crossin' the path
> of a FoRK Commandment?"

I warned her.

> "But I'm just three lines from home? Nothin' I done right above could be
> that serious, now, officer? <flutter>"
> "FoRK FaQ Section 7, Chapter 12, verse 19: And thy brethren shall
> profit by thy adventures -- share amongst all that they may vicariously
> experience the Joy of FoRK"

Again I warned her.

> "But.. but... CobraBoy is teasin' all the time! That's jes' not FAIR!"
> "Ma'am, CobraBoy may be a' pillagin' and shamin' the good name of FoRK
> in every corner of this county, but he ain't never done scrape the
> law on this one. 'ceptin his thing for little boys..."

excuse me?

> "Why you remember 'em shooter girls? That's the kind of postin' we
> like to see in these parts. Three lines about 'wish you were HERE'?!
> and scarin' away the townsfolk with your tanatalizin' tips about sex
> parties?! Why I already got three complaints of disturbin' the peace
> on you. Heck, Rajit here got so tickled he up and ran away from the
> whole list over this! Do you want that on your head, ma'am, driving
> off an upright innocent mathematician, async vlsi demon, and
> chocoholic like that? Are you THAT KIND OF CITIZEN?"
> "Why... Why.. I never ever meant to do wrong by no-body. What say I just
> back up and try that post again?"

I agree, although I also think this might be troll bait for some public

> "Just this once, ma'am. Just back that keyboard up and do it for us all,
> once more, with feelin'"

Or, if you had taken CobraBoy's class on chick speak, you would understand
that maybe a little harsher punishment is what she was after.

> ;->,
> Officer Khare
> PS. There is one other penalty: you have to be at this party! Heck,
> I'm flyin' 10,000+ km myself to be there. (got first class confirmed
> seats for $87 each way)

yeah, I can't even find out about when this sex party is...



Anyway, that's just my opinion, meant to confuse and disorient...

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