Protocol simulator

Mark Baker (
Mon, 23 Nov 1998 19:20:27 +0000

Looks interesting. Anybody used it? Is it the first of its kind? The
founder has been around - Rosen Sharma also co-founded VxTreme (acquired
by MSFT last year).

So, how does one test *reliability* of a protocol with this thing?


The key idea in EnSim?s products is the concept of a
Virtualized Networking Kernel (VNK). A VNK is a software component that
exactly emulates the interface presented by the 4.4 BSD
Unix kernel, including sockets, TCP/UDP/IP, and network interfaces.
EnTrapid emulates multiple Virtualized Networking
Kernel linked by an arbitrary topology entirely in user space. Each VNK
provides exactly the protocol environment found on a
4.4 BSD Unix machine on the Internet. Thus, from a developer?s
EnTrapid provides the abstraction of a ?network in a


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