RE: Yahoo? No, *Net Solutions* is taking over the world...

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Tue, 15 Dec 1998 10:05:27 -0500

Welcome Cindy.

I like your attitude; you'll do well with this mob.

- SaL'

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> Hi!
> > Let's say there's a shakedown of the Internet companies soon. All the
> > second- and third-tier companies have their valuations fall out from
> > under them, and Microsoft, America Online, Yahoo, and Amazon go on a
> > buying spree. There is a massive consolidation, and suddenly the Web
> > has exactly three or four portals/shoppingmalls/channels... much like
> > CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox. (Of course, this analogy falls short, because
> > network TV is actually losing market share to cable TV and satellite
> > TV, whereas the portals seem to be gaining share compared with the rest
> > of the Net...)
> >
> > Wouldn't it be insane, with the vast size and capacity and information
> > of the Internet, if 97% of people spent all their time in one of four
> > sites?
> Let's not forget the OS movement!! Hi, I'm Cindy Dale. I'm new to the
> list and have just been lurking. Tim said I should intro myself, but I
> wanted to get a feel for the list first, and I'll be damned if I can
> figure out just what the focus of it is, but -shrug- Anyhow, I'm 33, a
> mom/writer/geek, from Mississippi, now in NC working at Red Hat Software
> as a Level 2 tech support engineer (Don't start groaning yet; phone
> suppport doesn't start till after the new year). I took my BA in English
> from USM under the stern guidance of Steve Barthelme (if you don't know
> who he is, maybe you've heard of his brother Donald? no? didn't think
> so. sigh.). I dunno how i got into this field, something about a shell
> account in college and my hatred of GUI....
> Anyhow, hello!
> Cindy