TouchNet in MCO

Jim Whitehead (
Tue, 15 Dec 98 10:04:00 -0500

So, I'm standing here in MCO, waiting for Julia to get her shoes shined, when I spot this TouchNet internet terminal. Curious, and with nothing better to do, I'm trying it out.

Cost: $1.35 up front, then $0.35/minute.
Keyboard: chicklet style, reminiscent of the PC Jr. (except it makes the PC Jr. keyboard sem good!) For a 6 foot tall person, I have to lean over a bit, which makes the experience somewhat uncomfortable. Nice touch: can edit email using touch-screen capabilities (just point and touch to move the cursor). Keyboard cannot handle high speed typing tasks easily.

The unit has separate facilities for sening mail, receiving mail (not sure how this works, will try this next), and for surfing the web (not sure which browser they use).

Unit has built-in fax capabilities - simply lift up the keyboard to expose the fax plate, which looks to be a PC flatbed scaner. This probably explains the chicklet keyboard (have to have a low profile to fit on top of the scanner).

Unit also has a built-in phone headset, probably to debug fax tranmissions.

Gotta run, the shoeshine is done.

- Jim

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