Re: Attack on Baghdad...

C. Dale (
Wed, 16 Dec 1998 17:01:13 -0600 (CST)

Potsmoker's dream come true? I don't understand how this could be, but
I'm just one pot smoker. Oh I guess Saddam did something to provoke this,
so it can all be justified, but I'm one of those bleeding hearts everyone
loves to hate who can only think about the innocents getting killed. Nah,
I guess I'm not quite that simple, and can step back and see how war is
actually a good thing for population control, and indeed will be likely to
have a positive effect on our economy. But still...-toke- it sux.
PS I am totally buying the idea that this is a diversionary tactic. "Hey,
look at the war, so you'll stop lookin at my dick!"

> Cindy,
> Are you kidding? This is a pot smokers dream come true. We got this really
> pissed off guy in the White House. I mean really pissed off. Reagan was
> just senile and stupid. This guy is very smart and pissed. And since he
> can't fuck someone, he wants to kill someone. Basic male brain programming.
> The fact that he is so pissed off only makes it better.
> Don't tread on me? Bill adds a whole new meaning to it. Never before in the
> history of the US have we just launched an attack unprovoked. Of course we
> have our favorite mark Saddam to take a few bumps. So go ahead, impeach me
> motherfuckers and see what I do before I leave.
> Bill just fuckin' rools.
> Tim
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> Happy Holidays!
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