Death of a Lawyer

Gregory Alan Bolcer (
Thu, 17 Dec 1998 12:50:51 -0800

Rohit, you're going to kill me, but you
have your phone number on the FoRK FAQ,
so I can only be considered a facilitator
and not a conspirator.

I got a call from a lawyer invovled in a
software dispute. His client has a smoking
gun about another company had stolen his
software, but refused to pay him. The area
of dispute is point of sale ticketing by
putting kiosks into grocery stores etc. A
quick browse around Orange County and you will
see which company it is.

Anyways, they were looking for a highly
credentialed warm body to discuss the state
of the ticket sales software about what
was revolutionary and not revolutionary
at the time in 1995.

I dumped him off on Rohit and I told him
that Adam buys a lot of concert tickets. 8-)


dsr said he might be interested if you weren't.